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Whats Your Goal?
Calculate your Target Calories

Use this calculator to discover how many calories you need to gain, maintain or lose weight. This will give you a good idea of where to start whatever your goals.

Remember thought that when it comes to losing weight, nothing is precise - our home scales (bathroom and kitchen),  nutritional labels and exercise trackers all have margins of error (food labels can legally be 20% out!).


*Note the calculator assumes a small weight loss of 1/2 pound a week. Thats approximately a 250 kcal deficit per day. You can increase this up to a 500kcal deficit so long as your minimum calories down drop below 1200.  


*Use this only as a rough guide and know that tweaking this number over time will be necessary for most people to make your weight loss sustainable (thats where coaching comes in)

Your Result Is:

Calculate Your Intake!



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