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CHEATSHEET: Build a Simple Morning Routine to help you reach your diet goals

Updated: Jul 1

Good morning! Let's face it, we are all busy and those mid-life hormonal symptoms only add to the challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining our physical and mental health. However, how we start our day can significantly influence our mood, energy levels, and overall well-being. That’s why I want to share how a simple morning routine that aligns with your diet and fitness goals, can set you up for success in just 5-10 minutes.

healthy breakfast with fruit

Establishing a morning routine isn’t just about the actions you take; it’s about setting a positive vibe for the rest of your day. Let's look at how a morning routine can keep you on track, how to create one that resonates with you, and the power of habit formation.

The Ripple Effect of a Simple Morning Routine:

A morning routine acts as the first domino in a chain reaction. By starting your day with intention through stretching, a brief workout, and a nutritious breakfast, you’re not just ticking boxes; you’re cultivating a mindset that values self-care and discipline. This mindset spills over into other aspects of your life, helping you make healthier choices, stay focused on your goals, and approach challenges with a positive attitude.

How to Build your Simple Morning Routine to help you reach your diet goals

Creating a morning routine that you stick to is about personalisation and realism. Here’s how to build one that fits you:

woman stretching
  • Start Small: If the thought of a morning routine is overwhelming, begin with something as simple as stretching for a couple of minutes right after you wake up. Think about a bit of you time, maybe getting that first glass of water sunk with breakfast, These small acts can significantly impact your willingness to get up and move, and look after yourself for the remainder of the day

  • Build Gradually: Once stretching etc becomes a part of your morning, add another element, like a 5-minute bodyweight workout (10 squats, 5 press-ups x3) or a health-focused breakfast that includes some fruit and nails one of your five a day before you leave the house. The key is incremental change that doesn’t shock your system or motivation.

  • Flexibility is Key: Some mornings won’t go as planned, and that’s okay. The aim is consistency over time, not perfection. Find what works and be willing to adjust as needed.

Habit Formation: The Core of Consistency:

Transforming your morning routine into a habit is where the real magic happens. Here’s why creating a habit out of your routine is crucial:

  • Automaticity: Over time, your morning routine will require less mental effort and become more automatic. This means you’re more likely to stick with it, even on tough days.

  • Foundation for Other Habits: Once you’ve established your morning routine as a habit, you’ll find it easier to create and maintain other healthy habits throughout your day.

Include Reviewing/Journaling:

One often overlooked aspect of a morning (or evening) routine is the act of reviewing your previous day and journaling. This practice can have hugely positive benefits:

woman journaling
  • Reflective Insight: Taking time to reflect on your achievements and areas for improvement fosters a growth mindset. You learn about your patterns, what motivates you, and how to navigate challenges more effectively. I like to keep it simple with 3 questions:

    • What are my priorities today (Maximum of 3 things to focus on that day which may be around work, diet and/or exercise)

    • What went well that day (or yesterday) a minimum of two things - it is important to acknowledge the good stuff, the small steps of progress that are being made.

    • What did I struggle with/what do I need help with/need to focus on (acknowledge where I need some extra focus moving forward)

  • Goal Alignment: Regularly reviewing your goals and the steps you’re taking to reach them keeps you focused and aligned with your larger life vision. It’s a daily check-in with yourself about what truly matters. Literally takes a couple of minutes and can be done over your morning coffee, on the train or bus on your way to work.

  • Emotional Clarity: As well as giving you some structure and focus for the day, journaling acts as an emotional outlet, helping to process feelings and reduce stress, simply in the act of writing something down (a problem shared) helps you to form a plan to move forward.

A morning routine can include some exercise or light stretching but it isn’t just about the physical benefits; it’s a way to help you create awareness around making positive changes, around dealing with the "stuff" that is keeping you stuck. So now you know how a simple morning routine will help you reach your diet goals, by focussing you on positive, healthy actions, that will have a ripple effect through your day, and help you spot those areas you keep struggling with so you can form a plan to work on them.

Challenge for Tomorrow: Start with a simple stretch after waking up. Notice how this small change impacts your morning and your willingness to embrace the day. Make your mornings count😁

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