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Holidays, Vacations, Minibreaks: Food and Fitness hacks when travelling

The summer holiday season is almost here. Whether you are having a staycation or travelling abroad, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed (or even a little anxious) by the abundance of tempting food options if you have diet and fitness goals. However, with a bit of planning and smart strategies, you absolutely can enjoy your break without ruining your health goals.

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Here are some food and fitness hacks you can use when travelling that offer ways to approach eating when travelling with some mindfulness and ways to maintain your fitness routine.

Make Conscious Choices

Vacation often means indulging in buffet breakfasts or dinners, where the temptation to overeat can be overwhelming. Make smarter food choices by applying the same principles you would at any restaurant:

  1. Start with Protein and Vegetables: Begin your meal with lean proteins and a variety of vegetables. These choices are filling and nutrient-dense, helping to curb overindulgence in richer, calorie-heavy dishes.

  2. Selective Indulgence: Scan the offerings for truly special dishes that are worth the indulgence. Avoid everyday items and opt for unique holiday treats that you don’t encounter throughout the year.

  3. Portion Control: Treat the buffet like a restaurant where choices are deliberate—not a free-for-all. If you wouldn’t order three mains or desserts at a restaurant due to social norms, apply that same discretion at a buffet to prevent overeating.

Food and Fitness hacks when travelling: Stay Active

Maintaining some form of physical activity isn't as hard as you might think when travelling and it can help balance calorie intake and keep you feeling your best:

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  • Utilize Hotel Amenities: Take advantage of hotel facilities such as the gym or pool for a quick workout or a refreshing swim.

  • Active Exploration: Discover new places by walking or cycling. It’s an excellent way to burn calories while experiencing local culture. What about a walk on the beach? Taking a city break - how about you skip the hop on/off tour bus and try a walking tour instead?

  • Group Activities: Participate in family or group activities offered by your hotel that include physical movement, like hiking or playing sports. Even a gentle yoga on the beach will be extra movement - treat it as an opportunity to try a few new things you wouldn't normally try?

  • Improvise: If your hotel doesn't have a gym or activities, or perhaps you are travelling for works will be in a conference room all day? Body weight workouts in your hotel room work too. I travel with resistance bands (super lightweight and versatile) and/or my TRX ...... even just a towel on the hotel floor can give you options. Think of ways you can include exercise not excuses!

Embrace Moderation, Not Perfection

A vacation is a break from routine, and it’s perfectly fine to ease up a bit:

  • Plan for Treats: Anticipate and plan your indulgences. You are on holiday after all! Knowing you have a treat to look forward to can help you enjoy smaller portions of other items without feeling deprived.

  • Balance Your Meals: If you indulge more at one meal, aim for lighter and healthier options at the next. It’s your overall eating pattern that influences your health. Avoid adding chips to your meals simply because "it's there".... try something new, something local?

  • Enjoy Without Stress: The most important part of a holiday is to relax and recharge. Don’t let stress about diet and exercise overshadow your enjoyment. Remember that a few days of indulgence absolutely won’t derail your long-term goals if you return to your regular healthy habits post-holiday. Holidays should be enjoyed, not a source of anxiety or stress. Stay active, make conscious choices, and remember, moderation is key, even during the holidays. Enjoy your break, and return feeling refreshed and ready to continue your health journey.

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